It’s time to show our gratitude and let the Barringer staff know how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication! Staff Appreciation Week is April 29 through May 3. Please take a moment to read about the week long celebration we have planned for our well-deserving staff. We are requesting a few donations to help make this week a success. (Family participation items are highlighted in green.)

  • Monday, April 29—You are Noteworthy- Our teachers and staff will each receive BAC logo notepads from the PTA. We are asking that each student and/or parent write a special note or picture of “thanks” for their classroom teacher AS WELL AS two additional staff members (names and job descriptions of additional staff may be found on the flyer sent home with your child.) Of course, you are welcome to send in as many notes as you’d like. We will have a special POST OFFICE in the downstairs hallway where students can leave their notes and they will be delivered to all staff by Monday afternoon.

  • Tuesday, April 30—An Apple For Teacher- Our teachers and staff will enjoy fresh apples and fruit dip in the faculty lounge, provided by the PTA. At the bottom of the page, you will find a “wish list” of classroom supplies and needs from your grade level teachers (as well as a few requests from Special Area staff). In addition to the general supply list we have posted a sign up sheet with a few more specific items requested by the teachers at If you are able, please send in any items from the lists with your student the week of 4/22-4/26 to the SCHOOL OFFICE or Parent Room (not your classroom teacher!).

  • Wednesday, May 1—Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day- Our teachers and staff will enjoy a delicious breakfast during their weekly staff meeting on Wednesday morning. Please visit the sign up page at soon to volunteer to contribute breakfast items.

  • Thursday, May 2—BAC Staff is SO SWEET- Our teachers and staff will enjoy an assortment of gourmet cupcakes, provided by the PTA.

  • Friday, May 3—Thanks for helping US GROW!- Our teachers and staff will be showered with flowers! Students are encouraged to bring fresh cut, handmade or store bought flowers for their teachers and one or two additional for support, administrative and specials staff. Send flowers to school on Friday, May 3 (vases will be provided at the school) We will have a special FLOWER SHOP in the downstairs hallway where students can leave their flowers for non-classroom teachers and they will be delivered to staff throughout the day.

In addition, we will have gift raffles throughout the week for our BAC staff. If you have an item, service or small gift card that you would like to donate, it would be so appreciated. You may send donations in CLEARLY MARKED “PTA Staff Appreciation” by Tuesday, April 30 or contact Meghan Manges to arrange ( or 704-644-8228).

Thank you in advance for your participation. If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Manges at or 704-644-8228.

Best regards,
The Staff Appreciation Committee
2012-13 Barringer Academic Center PTA Staff Appreciation Week

Wish List

The following items have been requested by teachers. Please consider sending in one or more items from this list NO LATER THAN Wednesday, April 24 to the FRONT OFFICE (not your child's classroom teacher!)

crayola crayons
loose leaf notebook paper
colored pencils
Clorox wipes
plastic sheet protectors
printer paper
crayola markers
poster board
construction paper
Hand sanitizer
dry erase markers
folders - vinyl, 3 prong, 2 pocket
Pocket/tab folders
black sharpie markers
glue sticks
composition notebooks
elmers glue bottles
1 subject spiral notebooks
brightly colored copy paper
big erasers
vegetable plants/seeds
white and neon cardstock

In addition, we have several specific requests from teachers listed at PLEASE consider visiting this page to see if you have any of these items at home or are able to donate them to the school. Thank you!
Downloadable wish list to take with you to the store .