How can I help?

The Media Center team is seeking donations of materials as well as volunteer skills; please check the list of needed items and let Ms. Strohl know if you are able to contribute. If you would like to donate funds directly to the Media Center Makeover, you may do so here.

What does the Media Center Makeover involve?

Perhaps you have heard bits and pieces of the administration’s plans to make improvements to our Media Center at Barringer. PTA decided to go right to the source, so we visited with Ms. Range to get her thoughts on Barringer’s Media Center and her vision going forward. Here is what we heard:

I envision the Media Center to be just that: a multi-media experience for our students. First and foremost, it needs to be the core of the school where students have an opportunity to use their imaginations in all capacities. This includes reading, designing, gaming, etc. I want our Media Center to be a place where, because of the dynamic learning environment, students do not want to leave. If we want our students to be successful in the 21st Century, above and beyond everything else, we need to nurture their creativity and innovation.

Powerful words, and they are being backed up with immediate action. Ms. Range has put together a team of individuals with diverse strengths to design and implement unique renovations to our Media Center. So far, we know that an updated look, a makerspace, and new laptops are all on the list.

Next week we will publish our interview with team leaders, Ms. Strohl and Ms. Murray, regarding more specifics about the plans and projected timeline. In the meantime, hold that vision for Ms. Range and our BAC Scholars!

Interview with Team Leaders

For this week’s installment of Media Center Makeover, we caught up with Ms. Strohl and Ms. Murray to learn about some specific plans and the timeline for the makeover. Here’s what they had to say:

Our goals are to design the space to be more vibrant and homey-feeling, and also to make a creative space for students to design, explore, and utilize technology. The long-term timeline will be to revamp the space over several years, but we will be doing several things in the next couple of months that will really update the space. A parent has graciously volunteered to create curtains and valances for the windows, and those should be done within the next month. Over the next two months, students will be creating bright art work for the walls of the media center, and fabric-covered seating will be installed under the windows. We are working with a local artisan to create a visual focal point in the media center, utilizing the existing column. Additionally, we will be painting the circulation desk and adorning it with brightly colored lettering (see picture).

To initiate fun exploration, we will install stations such as Lego walls and Makerspaces which will include Makey Makeys, Sphero coding balls, and more. These will be purchased and implemented within the next couple of months. Ms. Curry will slowly be introducing the materials to students so they can learn to code and utilize the technology!

Long term, we hope to get comfortable furniture such as couches and oversized bean bags to create a “Starbucks” like feel for students to relax and create. We are also looking to integrate more technology and coding devices for students to use. We will establish a group of “tech experts” to help with care/maintenance of devices and procedures for care.

Those are some exciting short- and long-term plans! Next week, in our final installment, we will learn about funding for the Makeover. In the meantime, dream big!

Funding the Makeover

We have heard the vision and we have heard the plans for Barringer's Media Center Makeover; in this final installment of our informational series, we will look at the project from a ways and means perspective.

The most notable donation is clearly the time and talent of our staff members, with many hours of research and planning already logged and many more to come. BAC families have also already begun donating their time and talent—we’re looking forward to new window treatments!

By unanimous vote, the Board of Directors of the BAC PTA has awarded a grant in the amount of $1,000 toward the Media Center project. These funds are being used to kick start the makeover so that we all may see some immediate progress. Also by unanimous vote, the profits from our Spring Book Fair (Feb. 21 – 27) will be awarded to the project. The PTA Board will consider future grants to the project as funds become available. We are also in the process of searching for outside grants which would be a good match for this project. Please send any and all ideas for grants

The Media Center committee is very grateful for the following items that have already been donated by generous BAC families and local businesses:

Two brand new upholstered chairs and two end tables
Bean Bag Chair
Marble Run Game
Chess Set
Lego table
Floor Lamp
Legos (Lego donations are still needed! New or gently used Legos may be put in the donation bin in the Media Center.)
The Media Center transformation will truly be a Community effort, and we feel it will greatly give back to the BAC Community. We hope you will join in the effort in whatever way you can.