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As parents, we can play a vital role in our children's education and help determine the future of public education- both locally and nationally.

The bylaws of the national PTA and the North Carolina PTA both provide that a core purpose of PTA is “To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.” NC PTA members study state and local education issues carefully, and NC PTA has endorsed several major goals and positions designed to improve schools for all children throughout North Carolina. NC PTA members advocate for children in schools, before local government agencies like school boards and county commissions, in the state legislature in Raleigh, and the Federal government in Washington. (Learn more about NC PTA Advocacy Priorities.)

The Barringer PTA has formed an Advocacy Committee to help parents stay informed about decision making and education policy- in our school, locally and at the state and national levels. The advocacy committee shall develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA. This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality.

One of the best things you can do for your child and your school...Provide Input!

School board meetings are open to the public! Attend one! Click here for the schedule ...
  • Go to a Board Meeting. The Board of Education normally holds regular monthly meetings, open to the public, on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Meetings are held at the Government Center (600 East Fourth Street. Citizens have the opportunity to address the Board of Education at the first regular board meeting of each month. Public Hearings provide citizens the opportunity to address the Board regarding new policy or policy revision. Speakers will be given three minutes. Call Board Services Office at 980-343-5139 before noon of meeting day or see staff personnel prior to the start of the meeting to register. (Map; Parking for visitors to CMGC can be found in the adjacent parking deck, accessible from Davidson Street. If the deck is full, on-street parking and other pay lots are in close proximity.) 2017 Board of Education Meeting Schedule: January 10 and 24, February 14 and 28, March 14 and 28, April 6* and 25, May 9 and 24, June 6* and 27, July 25, August 8 and 22, September 12 and 26, October 10 and 24, November 8, December 12. (*The first Board meeting in April will occur on the first Thursday of the month due to the Spring Break schedule; the second Board meeting in May will occur one day late due to the graduation schedule; * the June 6 Board meeting is early due to the graduation schedule; the November Board meeting will be on the second Wednesday in November.)
  • Email Board members. (If you would like to email all members at once, you can cut and paste the email list below the grid in to your email.)
**Mary T. McCray**
Chairperson At-Large
Elyse Dashew
Vice-Chairperson At-Large
**Ericka Ellis-Stewart**
Member At-Large
**Rhonda Lennon**
Member District 1
*Thelma Byers-Bailey, Esq.**
Member District 2
**Tom Tate**
Member District 4
**Eric C. Davis**
Member District 5
**Paul Bailey**
Member District 6
Ruby M. Jones
Member District 3,,,,,,, ****

Current Topics and Events

A Message About CMS Bonds from CMS and Ms. Range

An important issue affecting our students and staff will come before voters Nov. 7, with the $922 million Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bond proposal. If the bond is approved, CMS would build 17 new schools and provide renovations or additions to 12 others. The bond would significantly impact learning—providing state-of-the-art technology and classrooms and learning spaces that encourage collaboration and flexibility, equipping students for success in the 21st century. Seventy-eight percent of CMS schools are at or over capacity and many were built in the 1950s. The bond would relieve overcrowding throughout the district. For more information on the CMS school bond, please contact the school office or visit the CMS website. Same-day, in-person registration and voting can be done Oct. 19 - Nov. 4. To learn more, visit the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections website.

Board of Education District 2 Candidate Town Hall

Voters in Board of Education District 2 (which includes Barringer) are invited to a Town Hall meeting to hear candidates discuss how they will represent your interests if elected. This event will be held on November 4 from 3:00 - 4:00 at South Tryon Community United Methodist Church (2516 S. Tryon Street).

Questions about Title I and What It Means to My School?

Title I is intended to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach proficiency on challenging State academic content and performance standards. Title I began with the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, which provided federal funding for high-poverty schools to help students who are behind academically and at risk of falling behind. Services can include hiring teachers to reduce class size, tutoring, purchase of instructional equipment, materials and supplies, parental involvement activities, professional development, pre-kindergarten programs, and hiring teachers and paraprofessionals. Learn more here.

CMS Immunization Requirements (*Includes Immunization Opportunities/Resources when available.)

Learn more here.

School Leadership Team ...

Every school in CMS is required to have a School Leadership Team. All meetings are open to any parents who would like to attend and observe. The Barringer SLT meets once a month in the Media Center. If you are interested in serving on the SLT for the 2016-17 school year, please contact Principal Range.

Although the School Leadership Team is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the school, it is involved in a number of tasks that affect the operation of the school.
The School Leadership Team:
· Facilitates the development of the School Improvement Plan
· Monitors, assesses and amends the School Improvement Plan
· Advances policies and procedures that enhance achievement and
meet educational, safety and parent involvement goals
· Facilitates communication within the professional learning
· Builds the capacity of the school to address parent and staff

CMS School Nurse Advocacy ... NC Parents Advocating for School Health

  • NC Parents Advocating for School Health is a group of interested parents, nurses, and health officials who are trying to get the county to increase funding for school nurses so there is at least one Nurse in each school every day. They have started letter writing campaigns and need parent support.

Here are some facts: (provided by NC Parents Advocating for School Health)

CMS has 141,00 children and about 10% have chronic medical issues
The National guidelines call for 1 Nurse per 750 students
CMS has 1 Nurse for 1200 students
Nurses are in most of our CMS elementary schools only 2-3 days per week
School secretaries are giving daily medications and assessing for broken bones every day
Accidents and injuries can happen anytime to anyone!!
1 in 4 allergic reactions are first time reactions when the student has no prescribed medications
When our Teachers have to take the role of Nurse, our students lose valuable instructional time

We are trying to get the county to increase funding for school nurses so we have at least one Nurse in each school every day. We want Mecklenburg county to prioritize the safety of our children. We are VERY CLOSE to making this a reality but we need your PTA's help! We have started letter writing campaigns and need your support.

HERE ARE SOME WAYS YOU CAN HELP ... "Like" the facebook page at

CMS School Wellness Policy

Are you interested in reading the CMS School Wellness Policy? If so, click here. The current CMS school wellness policy was written in 2006. This policy is intended to be followed by all CMS schools. Many parts of it are based on North Carolina legislation. If you are interested in any areas of the wellness policy, or are concerned about any aspects of the district policy, please contact Nancy Langenfeld (, the Director of Coordinated School Health for CMS. She loves hearing from interested and involved parents.

Check out the Shamrock Gardens TD Page...

Evelyn Schlick, the TD Facilitator at Shamrock Gardens (another CMS LI/TD partial magnet) has an excellent wiki page with a lot of useful resources. Check her out!

Advocacy Resources

Who Represents Me? To find out who is your state senator or state representative, as well as contact information.
North Carolina General Assembly To review a NC bill, or check on its status.
US House of Representatives To find out the name of your US Representative and contact information, or to review a federal law or bill.
US Senate To find out the name of your US Senator and contact information, or to review a federal law or bill.
Mecklenburg County Board of Elections For information on how, when and where to vote.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
NC Department of Public Instruction

MeckFuture is an organization formed by CMS parents to work toward obtaining adequate funding for our public schools.

NC PTA Child Advocacy Page

Charlotte Observer Your Schools Blog

Healthy Schools Campaign
Kids' Safe and Healthful Foods Project

National Association for Gifted Children
NAGC Advocacy Page
North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented